And I know you have a heavy heart I can feel it when we kiss

Cold and Rainy.

Hello from rainy Portland. This weekend has been typical of spring weather. It’s been perfect weather to hang out in coffee shops and write. I checked out yet another one, Futura Coffeehouse. It was nicely laid out and had many plugs, but I forgot my charger and didn’t charge my computer. Oops! So I did a bunch of handwriting for my novel today. I wrote about 700 words. It was fun to write by hand. I didn’t enjoy transcribing it when I got home, but it was fun while I was doing it. I think I may do more of it in the future if I know I will have transcription time.

The book is moving along well. I wrote another very spicy scene with a lot of boundary testing for Tegan, and Emerson is going to make the dom-loving girls absolutely crazy. While it will get revisions, it feels less like a set of stage blocking than other spicy scenes in the book. There are some scenes that I can very clearly see, and there are others that I need to build slowly over revision. I think with this one, it is the second encounter I’ve written for these two and one that is further down their relationship. That makes it a little less awkward. I always feel a little weird in that first time characters hook up. They are a little awkward with each other, so it usually works.

Hope you had a restful weekend.


I love this menu and the lamps
My hair struggles in this rainy of weather.
mmm coffee
Part of my novel in my Travelers Notebook, with a fun fountain pen.
I love how green spring in Portland is.

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