You might as well be the devil, Oh keeping me out past three

SE Belmont is so cute

The days just keep flying by this month. I honestly do not know how we are on the 10th day of camp. I am just shocked. There have been harder days, but really, this time I feel so much happier and freer writing than at any other point I have tried. I think a lot of this is because I love this story. I love the way it pushes boundaries in the genre. I love how spicy it is. I love both of the men in it. It doesn’t feel like work or a chore to get up and write this book, even after a long day at work. I hope this feeling keeps going with the travel I will be doing. I am still pretty “meh” about this road trip. I’ve done everything I can to make it as fun as possible, but it’s just not fun going to a place that makes me feel so uncomfortable.

Today was pretty fun. I went to an old favorite coffee shop, Wildflower, over on SE Division for a little bit. I picked up my first piece for my bedroom. I really want to make it art deco and dark glam. This piece really sets the tone. I am torn on whether I should repaint the gold parts with silver or just refresh the gold. Part of me wants to do silver, but gold seems to be more common in vintage vanity accessories, so I am torn. Either way, it needs some love but is really in great condition for being almost 70 years old. I am excited to make a glamorous and nice space to do my makeup and hair every morning.

I went and got a sandwich at the Devil Dill and walked around SE Belmont a bit. It was a rainy but fun afternoon and a nice break from work and my novel. Tomorrow is super busy, but I am really feeling great about everything.

See you tomorrow

❤ Spencer


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