Windows swung right open, autumn air Jacket ’round my shoulders is yours

The morning after the spicy scene.


Today’s writing was a bit challenging. I didn’t do enough research on Paris, so I had to stop and research as I went. I don’t love writing this way; it makes my brain a little crazy. But I ended the day with 1737 words. Not bad. I am still working on the Tegean and Emerson part of the book. Maybe it’s because I long to be in Paris and can’t wait for my trip this fall. Anyway, I think I’ll probably finish their whole relationship before moving back to Nick. The spicy scenes between the two are so very different. It is one of the biggest challenges in this book. So I want to get all of Emerson’s scenes in the bag before I move on to Nick.

Part of what I love about NaNoWriMo is the excuse it gives me to try out new coffee shops. Today, I went to The Stacks in North Portland. I really liked it. I can see myself making the trek over there a few days a week to work in this space. They also have a writer’s night on Tuesday nights that I am going to try to attend after my road trip.

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


Leather books ❤
The Stacks
Busy writers doing the work.
Grand Central Mississippi
The cinnamon roll was meh… not enough cinnamon.

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