Slow And I Will Kiss You. I’ll Most Likely Miss You.

The final sprint.. Minneapolis MN.

Hello from the road in Billings Montana. It’s time to wrap up Camp NaNoWriMo. It was probably ambitious to think I could write a full 50,000 words while being on the road for the last half of the month. The week I spent at home trying to get my parents settled in their house was also a complete disaster for my mental health and my writing

My final word count was 39,333, which is respectable. I think what is more important is that I’ve really developed Tegan into a character I am proud of. She was always just this lost girl who fumbled her way through life. Exploring her relationship with Emerson really opened up who she is and what she is capable of. There is something formative about the first romance that shows you sexuality and sensuality in new ways. She is caring, compassionate, and open-minded, and I love that she is so willing to take life by the horns and hang on for the ride.

I love her so much that I feel her story is really two books: one about her and Emerson, and one about her and Nick. There is just so much with Emerson that I want to touch on. The romance is darker and sexier than Nick’s, but there are still plenty of tender moments. When I think about having to cull out scenes between the two, I feel sad. Emerson is too good and too hurtful of a person to be just a side story in someone’s life.

So later this week, when I am finally at home back in my office, I am going to try to craft a plot around the scenes that I have and split out the Nick storyline over the two books. The first book will set up the meet-cute for Emerson, and the second book will focus on all of the reconnection.

I hope you all had a successful Camp NaNoWriMo. I am planning on having a weekly writing update on the books as I continue the process. There are also plenty of road trip posts coming up, so check back soon for those.

If you haven’t noticed, every blog post this month has a song lyric for a title. I’ve complied a Spotify Playlist of those songs. You can check them out here

See you soon. ❤ Spencer

Final Sprint OOTD
The Press – Valparaiso IN
Fluid Coffee- Valparaiso Indiana

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