Yours Sincerely, Lost Completely

Hello from the road! I spent most of the day in the car, and we have checked off two more states! I’ve got lots of great pictures for you today. I also had some progress on the book! So let’s talk about that.

I am working on the first pain point for tegan and Emerson. I got about 500 words written in the car today on my phone and on my laptop. The fight us going to plant some very small seeds of doubt in Tegaen head. They recover and spend a few more years together, but I really want to explore that feeling of being able to trace the demise of a relationship. It hard making two folks you like and enjoy together fight. I don’t get the folks who like to torture the people they create. I am rooting for all these kids, even when they are shitty and do shitty things. You root for the little hurt people inside them to get better. So it was kinda rough. I’m hoping to get some more words at the hotel.


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