You Wonder How I’m Doing, Well, Here’s A Cluer


I didn’t start writing until late today, but I still managed to write a good 1667 words. The scene I wrote today featured Tegan and Nick reconnecting, and it’s clear that Nick is bothered by the public nature of Tegan and Emerson’s relationship. He’s being petty and a little mean, and Tegan is surprised at how much she pushes back. She’s grown up a lot in his absence and is no longer the shy, quiet girl he ghosted after winter break.

I’m preparing for the road trip and feeling nervous. There will be a lot of driving and emotions involved, but I’m trying to stay positive about it! I’m excited to write blog posts from various places across the country. That should be fun! I had to run around and get all my medication. The adderall shortage means that I spend a lot of time calling pharmacies to see who can fill my prescription. I hope that one day the DEA will stop treating people who need stimulants to function like criminals.

See you tomorrow.

❤ Spencer


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