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I am pretty proud of the work I put in today. I had a pretty annoying work emergency, so my full day off turned into a half day off really quickly. I feel kind of defeated about the eventual outcome of today’s events. In spite of all those setbacks, I wrote over 10,000 words today. I worked on the scene where we meet Tegean’s boyfriend who isn’t Nick. Emerson is a charming, rich Frenchman who meets her in a bar the weekend after Nick leaves. I worry about how readers will react to having more than one love interest in the book. I think folks may assume that it will lead to some sort of triangle. I promise there is no triangle in this book. Tegean and Emerson have a foundational relationship for Tegean. He is her first long-term relationship and the first man she lives with. He brings out a fiery side of her. They fight, fuck, and globe-trot while she promotes her now-successful first novel and is getting famous for appearances at Emerson’s side in the society pages.

I wanted to go to a new coffee shop today, but it closed at 2pm and work prevented me from going. Hopefully, I can visit a few new coffee shops this weekend. My list of shops to visit is getting pretty long.

I’m also freaking out about my upcoming travel. I have so many outfits to plan, organize, and pack. I need new luggage. I just got a new laptop backpack for work, the Calpak Kaya backpack. It’s cool, and I like how many pockets it has. It lets me keep everything organized. It will be a great writing bag when I’m not on the road. It handled the Portland drizzle like a champ!

We’re rushing towards the end of the first week of Camp. How has it been going for you? Are you keeping up, getting ahead, or falling behind?

Today’s Pictures.

Fancy Avocado Toast
Rose Vanilla Latte

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