We’ve been doin’ all this late night talkin’ ‘Bout anythin’ you want until the mornin’

Today was a better writing day. I feel like the last two days I have kinda been chained to my desk. Things are busy at work, and things in my personal life are chaotic as always. Today I wrote around 1754 words. I also broke a cardinal Draft Zero rule and erased about 3 paragraphs of work I had written. I try to not read thru it until I am done. Then I give it a good read and start working thru the edits. But I slipped and just could not have that there it was going to have to go so it needed to go now. So if I would have kept that it would have put me at around 2000 words. It’s fine. I only need to write about 2650 words tomorrow to be caught back up. I am confident that it will happen. Tomorrow is like a little mini day off. I am gonna go to a new coffee shop I have wanted to try. I am gonna use my new Calpak laptop bag I got for all my upcoming work travel.

Working on a fight between Tegan and Nick today was stressful. I feel like I have a tendency to get pretty vicious in fights. (I used to in real life as well, but growing up is learning you don’t have to burn down the house at the slightest inconvenience.) And while I think that works for Tegan and another man in this book. It is terrible when it is Nick. So I really need to think about that for the edits. I wrote it down in my writer’s notebook because it is something I want to brainstorm on between now and then. I want them to be heated.. but I don’t ever want them to cross a line that would be unforgivable.

And because I don’t have pictures I thought it could be fun to do a little bit here about some of my favorite things at the moment.

A lot of this is beauty related because I have really been homing in on my perfect daily quick makeup routine. Now that I am back in PR/Events I can’t just top bun, no makeup, and sweatpants around my house I really have to get up and be cute on a daily basis. There is also a lot of Dior because I got one of their lipsticks last fall and fell back in love with the brand.

Dior Blush – 219 Rose Montaigne
This blush is the perfect everyday peach pink. It has some shimmer so I don’t feel like I HAVE to have a highlighter. I also swear it is magic it makes my skin so smooth when I put it on. I love it.

Dior Addict in Be Dior.
This is a beautiful shine lipstick that I sheer out when I want some life to my face but cannot be bothered with the rest of my face. It is also beautiful in still sheer full strength. The bright pink is a color I normally do not wear but it has been fun to play around with and I am sure it will keep going into the summer.

Dior Forever Skin Correct
The only concealer that I will use… it doesn’t crease, and it goes on great I don’t even need a foundation. However, it also works great with one.

My Vista House Coin
I went out to the Gorge a few weeks ago and when I was at Multnomah Falls I stopped in the gift shop and got one of these. I love Vista House… I like how heavy the coin is. I love how when it is sitting on my desk if my windows are open it will catch my eye like the little Magpie I am.

Pat McGrath Lipstick in Elson 5
It’s my second most worn red lip. If I don’t have a matte lip on (Guerlain 880) then it is this one. I love the tube, I love the color… I just wish it stayed a bit better but it isn’t the worst for satin lipstick.

Guerlain Rouge G #59 in the 2023 Cherry Blossom LE case
This is my basic light pink nude. It has really replaced Dior Nude look. The limited edition case (that is also a mirror!!!) is to die for I just love it.

Last but not least
My Vessel Craftsman Vape pen
After using editable for a while I really wanted to be able to have better control over how high I got. I wanna be relaxed and sleepy not so stoned I become one with the couch. I love the wood. I love how easy it is and how adjustable the hit is.


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