There’s a secret magic past world that you only notice when you’re looking back at it

Case Study Coffee Alberta

Today has been a slower start. It was a lazy morning and I enjoyed petting Mamoru and laying about my house watching Boygenius’s new Music Video film. At some point I will write up a review and talk about how their new album The Record is just devastating in the most haunting way. But we have Camp NaNoWriMo things to talk about.

I should really know better than to make any kind of process proclamations. Just yesterday I was talking about how I should write in chronological order so that their story unfolds before me. Today I woke up chose violence and wrote our lover’s first chance meeting after years apart. It is the first scene I thought of when I started working thru this concept. It takes place in Seattle and I love way I write about that city. There is something magical about Seattle that has always stopped me from living there. I don’t want to break the magic. I want to spend lazy weekend walking down pike and pine, I want to get cinnamon rolls at my favorite bakery in Greenwood. Then I want to tuck all the beautiful memories to bed and slip back on the train to Portland.

My morning sprint at the house got me so close to my goals. I am about 950 words in. I am gonna try to rack up some words this neck week to pull some of the pressure off of me when I am on the road trip in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll find every beautiful coffee shop along I-80 from Portland to Chicago.

I here are some photos from today

Case Study Coffee Alberta
This loft is my most productive spot in Portland.
If you know me it’s easy to see why this place draws me to it.
My New Favorite Shirt… Leave me a comment if you understand the reference.
My favorite bit of writing. Nick is such a swoon worthy man.

The first work day of camp is tomorrow! I hope we all get the time we need to finish!

❤ Spencer


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