Camp NaNoWriMo Prep Week Day 2

Hello from the rainy PNW. I hope that this prep week is treating ya’ll good. Today so far has been kind of a wash as far as my novel is concerned. It’s still early evening so I’ve got some time to get some work in today. But I think my biggest hang-up (besides the return of my insomnia) is that I felt after a longer period of time with Storyist it wasn’t going to be the app for me. I’ve switched over to Ulysses. So It took a bit longer to get all the bits and bobs that were in my Notion Template into Ulysses, because I had to create the folder structure around it. I hope that one day Notion has offline mode because it would be my preferred way to write if I was sure I could access it everywhere.

So Let’s Recap My Goals From Yesterday

  1. Get all the lingering bits and pieces from Notion to Storyist.
    This was by far the longest task. I have been playing around with the ideas of this novel for a few months now. So there are all kinds of little scene snippets and turns of phrases that I would like to add.
  2. Start looking at the first act plot structure
    I decided that I was not going to follow the romancing the beat structure. I want to weave romance and tropes thru the book but I do not want it to define these folks. The book is about growing and changing and opening your heart having it broken and showing up again to make it happen. I got my Pre-write questions set up and I am planning on working thru them tonight and tomorrow.
  3. Get my writers notebook TN insert numbered and get my NaNoWriMo spread made
    I set up my first weekly spread and got thru numbering all the pages. The insert is gonna live in my EDC Travelers notebook. It’s the back notebook with my time blindness tracker and my commonplace book.

Tonight I am just keeping it simple.

  1. Work thru the first 1/4-1/2 of my Pre Write Workbook.
  2. Get My Commonplace notes added to Ulysses

See ya tomorrow.

❤ Spencer


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